Hamster Maze vs Human Traps 🐹 World’s Most Extreme Elimination Game! Last To Survive Minecraft Wins

2021-ж., 15-май.
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To win the world’s most extreme elimination game, be the last to survive Hammy’s epic pranks vs human traps as he escapes a 9ft Minecraft hamster maze. Thanks to the makers of Invisalign clear aligners for sponsoring this video! ENTER TO WIN $10,000: bit.ly/33kh9eP

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Last time, brothers (not twins) the key bros competed in a do it yourself funny competition to sneak snacks and candy into the movie theater with a fake pregnancy baby bump filled with the sourest gummy vs real food, a life size mystery wheel, superhero disguises, and hilarious TikTok dance challenges. Today there is an amazing prank wars battle vs Hammy the hamster! This massive Minecraft, Nintendo Super Mario World, and floor is lava labyrinth is better than any 7-level pyramid prison break maze and as crazy as any MrBeast, Mark Rober, or Unspeakable challenge! And it's all made from diy cardboard, foam ball pit balls, homemade pool obstacles, and more! Learn how to escape this amazing intricate Minecraft mansion obstacle course irl with the cutest pet hamster. It’s another awesome and amazing viral in real life video in this satisfying comedy entertainment and easy tutorial life hacks and experiments compilation series.

And don’t worry, Hammy is a very loved pet hamster that was not harmed in any way. He was supervised by professionals at all times to make sure the proper safety protocols were followed.

Thumbnail credit and maze inspiration to The Secret Life of My Hamster!
Check out their video here: Hamster Minecraft Maze www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AG-u...

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